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Your Songs are the Advertisement for the live Show. - John Robinson

August 14, 2016

Very often I hear upcoming musicians ask the question that every serious musician wants to know. What are the best ways to make money with my music? Although this question is very common there is definitely not just one way to answer it. Through my personal journey I’ve found that most of the consistent income I’ve made in the last 20 years have not been from record sales or royalties from a label but from digital downloads, music licensing and mostly live performances.

Streaming is the New Download- John Robinson

August 14, 2016

“STREAMING is the NEW Download” and I have some research Data to prove it. The larger streaming services like Spotify or Pandora estimates that each listen earns a payout revenue between $0.006 and $0.0084 which doesn’t seem like much at all until you take a look at Drake’s “Views from the 6” album which Apple music reported had over 250 million streams in the first week which equals up to $2.1 million dollars in royalties and that is not even counting record sales. WOW!

J.R.’s Don’t and Do’s of Social Media

August 14, 2016

During my introduction to social media in the early 2000s circa early Youtube and Myspace era I always did my best to learn the etiquette and the unwritten rules of social media in order to build a healthy platform of engaging like minded people all over the world and build a community. While on this journey I realized that there were a lot of good practices that I learned and put in motion in order to grow my following but I also learned and am still learning what not to do so that I don’t turn people away.